US Faces Pandemic Surge

US Faces Pandemic Surge

US Faces Pandemic Surge

States all over the US are shattering COVID-19 records in both number of cases and hospitalizations. The totals are mind-numbing with over 10.5 million infections and over 240,ooo deaths attributed to the virus so far.

Look at some of these staggering numbers:

Pennsylvania reported a record 5,488 new cases with 49 deaths on Thursday 11/12/2020.
Utah showed 3,884 cases, also a record. The previous record was 2,989 on Nov. 5 which shows a 30% increase.
New Jersey recorded its highest hospitalization since June 4 with 1,827.
Wisconsin is “getting worse everywhere” according to a top health official. Only 8% of ICU beds are available at this time and hospitals are struggling with staff.
Illinois, had the highest number of cases in the country on 11/12/2020 and according to their governor is just a few days away from going back to full lockdown.

It is going to take a combined effort of everyone doing their part to stay safe during this fall season, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas only a few weeks away. Make sure you have enough PPE on hand to keep your family protected.

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