Watch Out for PPE Fraud

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Watch Out for PPE Fraud

PPE fraud has risen to very high levels during the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers a wide range of instances. It includes the selling of counterfeit items such as masks, gloves and even testing kits. Providing false or misleading information in marketing materials or on product packaging is also occurring.

There are also scams that involve contacting people over the phone of by email and pretending to be an official agency, informing you that you need to take a COVID-19 test. They try to get your health insurance information in order to bill the companies. Other scams try to sell you bogus cures or treatments.

Before you purchase PPE for you or your family, make sure that the seller is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is based here in the United States. Please be diligent and do your homework because your family’s safety is at stake.

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