Nursing Homes Low on PPE

Nursing Homes Low on PPE

Nursing Homes Low on PPE

Across the nation, thousands of nursing homes are desperately low on PPE, especially masks, gowns and other items. Not only do the workers need this protective gear but also the residents, and in some cases where visitors are allowed, family and friends.

In some facilities as of August 2020, they were totally out of certain items. Below is the particular PPE gear and what percentage of homes had no supply. Keep in mind, nursing home residents and senior citizens in general are the most vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19, flu, etc.

N95 Masks – 8%
Gowns – 5%
Eye Protection – 5%
Surgical Masks – 4.5%
Gloves – 1%
Hand Sanitizer – 1%

In total, there are over 15,000 homes with long- or short-term care serving 1.3 million residents. If you know of any nursing homes in your area that need PPE, tell them about CB Protects.

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