CDC Recommends Double Masking For More Protection

CDC Recommends Double Masking For More Protection

A new study put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting that two masks are better than one in protecting you from the coronavirus. The study shows that wearing one mask, either cloth or surgical, blocks approximately 40% of particles coming toward you but two masks can block up to about 80% of incoming particles. The CDC states that the study did have several limitations. but does confirm earlier research that two masks are better than one.

If you are going to wear two masks to protect yourself, here are some simple but important tips:

  • Make sure you wear the cloth mask over the disposable (surgical) mask, not the other way around
  • Never combine two disposable masks
  • The outer mask should push the outside edges of the inner mask against your face
  • Double check to see if you can see and breathe easily

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